“What’s That Mean?”: The Internet of Things (IoT)

Image Credit: http://www.theconnectivist.com/
Image Credit: http://www.theconnectivist.com/

As part of the Innovation Blog, we would like to periodically spend some time defining concepts for you. Without a common definition, it will be impossible for us all to reach a common understanding. Today, we will talk about the “Internet of Things.” Identified as Gartner’s #2 “Top Strategic Trends For 2015”, The Internet of Things Is defined by Techopedia as “a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices”. Already, we have seen people interacting with their home Thermostats (See Nest.) and appliances like their Washer/Dryer. Wearables like Fitbit are also just taking off. The impact on healthcare will be enormous and later articles will target these innovations. For now, let’s just converge on what IoT means. For more info check out this definition at Wikipedia.


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