Whoa!…Slow Down There!…Where’s the FHIR?


Executive Summary: In 2014, one of the most talked about technological challenges in the healthcare space has been “interoperability.” For anyone who doesn’t like fancy words, this just means computers talking to computers. An example of this might be your PACS system talking to the Electronic Health Record (i.e. Epic). Enter the Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resource or FHIR (pronounced “Fire”). Not yet ready for production, this new communication standard is expected to significantly simplify the ability to exchange health data between systems, in a secure and cost effective way. More info can be found at HL7’s FHIR webpage.


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Dave Bove

Innovation Lover, Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Guitarist (poor one), Artist, Computer Geek, and Jolly (sometimes) Rancher...

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