Jibo – The Family Robot

designingjiboWhen Siri, the Personal Digital Assistant voice of iPhone first came out, it was the beginning of realistic voice interaction with our smartphones. Since then, we have seen Google follow with Google Now, and Microsoft with Cortana. While these are cool ways to interact with your phone, they are primarily passive.

The folks at Jibo, have taken this idea to the next level. With a device they define as the “first family robot”, they have created a proactive interactive experience. It doesn’t have to be woken up (e.g. “OK Google”, etc.) to interact and it doesn’t need to work in a question-then-answer mode. Their robot can “see, hear, speak, learn, help, and relate.” Although few have investigated the potential healthcare applications for such a device, it is obvious that there are many possibilities for this type of innovation. This is certainly a technology/idea that is worth keeping an eye on. Move over HAL2000.


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Dave Bove

Innovation Lover, Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Guitarist (poor one), Artist, Computer Geek, and Jolly (sometimes) Rancher...

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