SensoTRACK Biometric Health Monitor


One of the big trends we are seeing in healthcare technology is in the area of wearable devices. Here is a unique device from Sensogram Technologies. One of the big challenges, which we will address in future articles, is how this data can/will be used by healthcare providers. For now, let’s just look at this cool new device.

Info from the company website:

“SensoTRACK is an innovative device unlike any other. It’s sleek, ergonomic design fits snugly, yet comfortably, on your ear, where it senses, tracks and manages a range of biometric and activity parameters. SensoTRACK measures heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and respiration rate. It counts steps, calories burned, senses your speed, activity level, geolocation, altitude, body posture, and pace, while tracking parameters you enter, such as weight, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar and emotional state. It also takes into account your specific activity – walking, running, cycling, etc. – and models its measurements for that form of activity to more accurately gauge performance.”

Check out website at:


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