e-Liiso Mobile Eye Checkup


To combat preventable blindness (in the form of trachoma) in Uganda, IT student Moses Rurangwa formed Sight for Everyone, a company which has developed an eye checkup app called e-Liiso. In March 2014, they took third place in the BigIdeas@Berkeley contest.

From Berkeley.edu site: “Doctors and optometrists using e-liiso will be able to check patients’ abilities by just taking a flash picture from a phone camera to see color, test for long and short-sightedness, and also detect the presence of cataracts and other eye conditions. The app uses smartphones’ cameras, flashlights and display to check how the eyes react to stimuli, while doctors can also track the progress of individual patients and easily keep a record of their geo-location.” Read more at: http://bigideas.berkeley.edu/2014/09/17/a-ugandan-health-app-created-by-and-for-ugandans/


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