“What’s That Mean?”: 3-D Printing

Photo Credit: http://www.core77.com/blog/digital_fabrication
Photo Credit: http://www.core77.com/blog/digital_fabrication

I would like to continue the “What’s that Mean?” series by exploring the concept of 3-D Printing. To start with, let’s define the term by sharing the definition from the Oxford dictionary. “A process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material”.

Originally 3-D printing referred to processes that “sequentially deposited material onto a powder bed with inkjet printer heads” (wikipedia).  Now 3-d printing contains processes like  Photopolymerization, Bioprinting, and Nanoscale 3D printing. 

What this means for someone like me, who doesn’t actually know the definition of Nanoscale 3D printing, is that we are now entering an age where 3-D printing will allow incredible, almost miraculous achievements. In future articles, I will cover such creations as a 3-D printed jaw, a 3-D printed skull, elegant printed 3-D printed prostheses, and 3-d printed casts.


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