Poktu: Design Concept for Customized Vitamin Maker


Industrial Designer Lukas Avėnas from the Vilnius Academy Of Arts in Lithuania, working in conjunction with the Electrolux corporation, is working to design a vitamin dispenser that provides customized vitamins based upon the person’s current needs. The user would place their hand over the device and it would measure nutrient levels and then produce a matching vitamin. Read more at: http://www.electroluxdesignlab.com/2014/submission/poktu


Gripsors – “Low-tech/High Utility” Scissors


Almost all posts on this blog are about software or electronic devices that improve health outcomes. Every once in a while we should take a step back and recognize innovations that are “low-tech” but have a significant impact on outcomes. Here is one. Gripsors bandage scissors not only function as bandage scissors, but can also open pill packages without damaging the pills, twist open IV and G tubing, and easily manipulate oxygen connections. Their newest models “feature a hook that serves as an oxygen key and can be used to slip metal rings from saline style vials.” Low-tech, but by “innovating the adjacent possible”, this company has created a multifunctional device with very high clinical utility. Read more at: http://www.gripsors.com/aboutus.html

Superhero Inspired 3-D Hand Replacement for 3-year-old


Found this story on http://geekologie.com/ about a grandmother who found a nonprofit called E-Nable that was able to get a free “Iron Man” hand for her grandson. For more information about this very cool story and a video that is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, or smile, go to:  http://geekologie.com/2014/09/good-lookin-3-year-old-gets-prosthetic-i.php

Baby Wearable Monitor – “Sensible Baby”


As we start to see the explosion of the “Internet of Things” and Wearables, let’s not forget a segment of the market that would benefit greatly from wearables…babies. The Sensible Baby wearable monitors the child’s position, temperature and movement on a smartphone/tablet. Check it out at: http://mysensiblebaby.com/

Pill Watch: Hidden Compartment with Reminders


From the Yanko Design website: “The Pill Watch is an innovative way to ensure that you don’t forget to take your pills on time. It even has a small compartment to store the tablet. I suppose you can keep it as an emergency backup pill or the real deal. The watch is capable of measuring the pulse rate, which is a good add-on.”
More pictures at http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/02/17/take-your-pills-on-time

3-D Printed Cast to Promote 80% Increase in Healing

3D Cast Although it is only a concept, this 3-D Printed Cast Design has already won an A’Design Award for 3D printed forms and products. The light-weight, odor-free spongy foam material also incorporates low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS ), which is purported to increase healing rates by 80%. Read More at: http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/18/5628818/3d-printed-cast-concept-uses-ultrasound-to-heal-broken-bones


Hands-Free Crutch: “Sit and Stand”


Sit and Stand is an International Design Excellence Award 2014 finalist that will allow people with temporary lower body injuries to carry-on a normal daily routine. From the designer’s website: ” Sit & Stand is a walking assistance system, as well as a personal seat that allows the user to rest and relax. These unique features make Sit & Stand a great, functional design and also a cost effective product as it can be produced using most of the same inexpensive raw materials used in traditional crutches.” Read more at: http://on.be.net/1g06xQ0