“Smart” Toothbrush

GUM-play-Smart-toothbrush_3In 2015, Sunstar plans to launch a smartphone compatible toothbrush called G.U.M Play (a.k.a. Smart Toothbrush). From article on DamnGeeky: ” The toothbrush comes with a dock that indicates the charging level of the toothbrush and the connectivity with your smartphone…The app shows in visual form the teeth that are not being covered by your brushing regime, therefore prompting you to brush in the right manner to achieve best results.” Read More at: http://www.damngeeky.com/2014/12/27/28296/smart-toothbrush-connects-smartphone.html


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Dave Bove

Innovation Lover, Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Guitarist (poor one), Artist, Computer Geek, and Jolly (sometimes) Rancher...

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