Electronic skin – Health monitoring skin patch that could administer drugs


Within the next 5 years, researchers expect to see health monitoring band-aids and skin patches available for wide use. Currently, studies like the one co-authored by a University of Texas-Austin engineer, show a wearable patch prototype that works when it is connected to a power source. Eventually, these bandages are expected to bring “comfortable health monitoring” and “very precise and less invasive medical treatment.” Other versions of this “bandaid” will have temperature sensors, heart rate monitors, and blood oxygen level measuring sensors. Future versions could be powered by a smartwatch or embedded battery. Read more at: http://www.damngeeky.com/2014/04/02/19825


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Dave Bove

Innovation Lover, Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Guitarist (poor one), Artist, Computer Geek, and Jolly (sometimes) Rancher...

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