Patchworks: Technology Project to Simplify Healthcare Scheduling for the Homeless


Researchers at Lancaster University have taken the concept of “wearable” to a new area. Working under the assumption that “Connected Health” should mean that everyone has access to healthcare, they have been working with a homeless charity organization and Manchester Digital Lab (MadLaB), a group of ‘DIY innovators and geeks’, on a project called Patchworks. This project utilizes an RFID chip on a wristband and the inexpensive Raspberry Pi technology  (see prior article) to create a cheap and intuitive system that enables homeless people to keep track of their appointmens with doctors, dentists, and social workers. Read more at:


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Dave Bove

Innovation Lover, Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Guitarist (poor one), Artist, Computer Geek, and Jolly (sometimes) Rancher...

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