AdhereTech: Smart Pill Bottle


With the Internet of Things (IoT) expected to grow to around 200 billion by 2020 (according to Intel), it is no surprise that we have started to see inventions like this smart, wireless, pill-bottle from AdhereTech. Designed to improve adherence and to track in real-time. From the company web-site, the pill bottle: “These bottles collect and send all adherence data in real-time. The system automatically analyzes this information and populates the data on our secure dashboard. If doses are missed, patients can receive customizable alerts and interventions – using automated phone calls, text messages, and more.” Read more at:


GAN Gene Therapy Trial Gets Green Light


From the (Public Library of Science), we hear about trials that will begin for Gene Therapy to try to treat the rare disease GAN ( Giant Axonal Neuropathy) that behaves very similarly to ALS in children.  Lori and Matt Sames have raised over $6 million to help fund these trials in an effort to treat their daughter, Hannah, who is afflicted with the disease. Read more at: