MicroBiome Therapeutics: Reducing Side-Effects of Drugs Like Metformin


Earlier this year, Colorado-based MicroBiome Therapeutics kicked off a round of funding to finance a drug intended to improve the tolerability of Metformin (also known as Glucophage), a popular diabetes drug with numerous side-effects. If this drug, a reformulation of Metformin know as NM505 , is successful, it will provide relief to the approximately 50% of Metformin patients who experience diarrhea from the drug and the approximately 25% of patients who experience vomiting. Read more at: http://medcitynews.com/2015/04/colorado-startups-microbiome-modulating-drug-improve-metformin-tolerability/?rf=1 or http://www.mbiome.com/.


Livongo Health: Three Step Program for Diabetes



Livongo Health, which secured $20 million in financing earlier this year to support expansion of it’s connected device, has a “three step” program for managing diabetes. They say that their program ” …fits right into your life. It listens, responds, and adapts to you.” The program is made up of these three pieces: 1) A Connected Device, 2) Smart Cloud, and 3) A Care Team made up of  Certified Diabetes Educators.  Read More at:  http://www.livongo.com/

Phraser: Translated Information Delivered to Patients



One way to improve care delivery is by providing communications in the patients’ own language. Geacom, Inc has developed Phraser a rugged, designed-for-healthcare device that is intended to “integrate easily into your practice, enabling you to provide the best experience.” Read more about this award-winning device at: http://www.myphrazer.com/

Zest Health: Integrated Cloud-Based Personal Health Management


Zest Health provides a cloud-based platform, mobile apps, concierge services for it’s members. Their goal is to facilitate appointment scheduling, relevant messaging, healthcare shopping, and provide a single application that integrates all the user’s benefits and plans. Read More at: http://www.zesthealth.com/