Virtual Reality for Treating/Preventing Cancer, Hypertension, etc.

In an article from Medcitynews, we hear about how AppliedVR presented it’s experiences with Cancer and Hypertension at the MedCity CONVERGE Conference in Philadelphia this week.

Matthew Stoudt, Co-founder of AppliedVR spoke about how VR technology can be used to improve patient therapy and physician education with minimal cost to hospital systems.

Additionally  he spoke about how VR technology can ease anxiety and influence patients to change their personal health behaviors during their cancer treatment. Additionally, he also has data that supports a measured blood pressure drop in hypertension patients.

Read more at: Medcitynews


Tattoos that work as Health Monitors

Researchers at M.I.T. have successfully completed a proof-of-concept where they use tattoos to monitor conditions like diabetes, acidosis, alkalosis, electrolyte imbalance, and hypertension.  It is still early, and a lot of work needs to be still be done, but their initial results suggest this might be a excellent alternative to things like diabetic testing strips. Read more at the M.I.T. page here.