Sensiotec Gains More Recognition and Named Healthcare IT Startup of the Year


Executive Summary: What would you say if I told you that you could have a device that monitors a patient’s cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal systems, and monitors for pressure ulcers and fall risk, without ever making contact with them? Sound like science fiction? Star Trek-ish? Not any more. Sensiotec has developed just such a product. Already winning awards, they are FDA approved. More info can be found at their home page‚Äč .


Sony High-Res OLED Screen Attaches to Any Eyewear


Executive Summary: The day is coming when I believe healthcare workers will not need to touch a keyboard/screen to provide top-level healthcare. With innovations like speech-recognition-with-AI integrated into the EMR, and devices like Google Glass, clinical teams will be able to work hands-free. Below is an announcement by Sony around their innovation in smart eye-wear. It is my belief that eventually tools like this will be integral in the healthcare environment. The one in the article below, for instance, will come with an SDK, which would allow for integration (i.e. interoperability) with other systems…

Sony high-res OLED screen attaches to any eyewear